Me and My Friends
All That Is You
  **********CLOSED***********   The sound of English folk colliding head-on with the golden-era music of 1970s West Africa and the Caribbean   Bound by a mutual love of the sun-drenched vintage sounds of afrobeat, soukous, highlife and roots reggae, the UK-based 5-piece re-invent these influences around the instantly recognisable voice and finger-style guitar of songwriter and singer Nick Rasle  

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1. Remix Engagement

Continental Drifts hereby engages Remixer to Remix the recordings entitled

All That Is You

embodying performances of the recording artist

Me and My Friends

(hereinafter called "Mixes" or “Mix” if just one).

2. Transfer of Rights

With respect to his contractual performances/services Remixer herewith transfers to Continental Drift and its subsidiaries, affiliates and licensees, without restriction as to time, territory and content the sole, exclusive and unlimited right:

2.1 to manufacture, distribute, publicly perform, sell and lend the Mixes in connection with records in all configurations (i.e. Vinyl, MC, CD, Single, Album, EP, Double 12", CDRom, CDI, CDROM, CDROMXA, CDI, CDPlus, EnhancedCD, DVDAudio, MOCD, Minidisc, DCC, Chips, Disks, etc.) and to couple the Mixes with other recordings in parts or as a whole including especially the right of exploitation of the Mixes by storage and dissemination via data banks or digital media etc.

2.2 to use the name, pictures and biography of the Remixer in connection with the exploitation of the records embodying the mixes free of charge.

2.3 to publicly perform and authorise others to publicly perform the Mixes in part or as a whole in radio and television broadcast (e.g. terrestrial, transmitter, cable, satellite, digital media) irrespective of the legal form in which the respective broadcasting station is organised (public or private, commercial or noncommercial radio, payTV, on demandservices).

2.4 to use the Mixes in films (e.g. in feature films, motion pictures, music videos, videoclips).

2.5 Continental Drifts may license all rights aforementioned to third parties or endorse the exploitation of third parties subject to this agreement. The rights of Continental Drift extend to all present means of audio exploitation even if not expressively listed above.

2.6 Continental Drifts herewith guarantees the validity of the rights transferred hereunder and that he has not made and shall not make any dispositions in respect of the rights which are the subject of this agreement, and that with respect to material delivered by Remixer hereunder no other rights of third parties or contractual relations with third parties shall interfere in any manner with the duly performance of this agreement. Remixer herewith releases and holds Continental Drift free and harmless from any claims or rights of third parties in this respect and in connection with the exploitation of the recordings, and shall indemnify Global Vibes from any damage or loss and shall reimburse any expenses that Continental Drifts incur, with regard to the noncompliance with this warranty of Remixer.

2.7 It is specifically understood that Remixer has no share in copyrights as composer and/or author of the musical works covered by the Mixes.

3. ReRecording Restriction.

Remixer agrees and acknowledges that he shall not in any manner produce or otherwise record for any person or entity other than Continental Drifts a recording of any musical composition, arrangement or any portion thereof, contained in the Mixes prior to the date five (5) years after the initial release of the Mixes by Continental Drifts..

4. Compensation

No compensation due under the REMIX COMPETITION campaign.

5. Release Compensation/ Royalties
Producer: Continental Drifts
Release Date: TBC
Distribution: TBC
Format: TBC
No of Tracks: 1
Rights: Exclusive
Territories: World
Sales Type: Commercial
Synching Rights 25 % of our net Receipt.
Royalty CD: 25% of Net Income
Royalty Digital: 25 % of net income
Minimum Payment Subject to a minimun payment of 50 Euros
Deductions: Production costs
Accounting: Half Yearly within 90 Days from 30th June and 31st December Bank transfers/Paypal charged to the payee.

6. Production
ARTIST: Me and My Friends
TITLE : All That Is You

7. Production

Each Mix shall bear a credit in the following form:
"Mixed by Remixers Name for Continental Drifts Ltd"

Such credit line shall appear in all record configurations wherein the Master is exploited hereunder and at such place as information is accorded to other licensors whose master Recordings are interpolated in the Mixes or in other master recordings coupled with the Remix, provided, however, that any inadvertent failure on Global Vibes’s part to comply with the provisions or obligations hereof shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement. Continental Drifts shall use its best effort to cure any such failure subsequent to Continental Drifts receipt of notice from Remixer.
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