Robin Crafoord
Date joined: 10/02/2018
Country: NO

Trulz & Robin They met 20 years ago in Norway and has been a part of building the Norwegian electronic music scene ever since. Arranging tons of parties and playing with DJs such as Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Rachmad, Heiko Laux, Claude Young, Moodyman, Darren Emerson. They have produced 5 albums, many remixes and 12\\\" on different labels and their music has been on compilations like Renaissance, Kill the DJ and Playhouse rec. Their musical sound is a mixture of twisted warm and deep Detroit influenced electronic house and techno. \\\"We want to take people on a journey,\\\" they say. And after listening to their music and experiencing many of their charismatic DJ performances I must say I enjoy travelling with them thru their many layers of hypnosis, frequencies, light and dark. Now releasing music on Prins Thomas labels Full Pupp and Rett i fletta and also running Cymasonic records together with Arildo Dildo in Barcelona these guys have many projects in the fire at the moment. They have been remixed by artists like Ost&Kjex, Pablo Bolivar, Maurice Fulton, Jeroen Search and played at The Fabric London, Moog Barcelona, Roskilde festival, Berlin, and Amsterdam to name some.


  • David Battenburg´s Life of Cakes



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