Brass Band Remix

Partner : Continental Drifts

The last few years has seen an explosion in new brass bands and they are more adventurous than at any time before, from totally unexpected covers of acts from Daft Punk to Labyrinth and more, this new Brass Style is perfect for bringing a great vibe to your
gig. But then as well as playing a gig we get the band to join in with a plethora of DJs live. It’s a booming and remarkable event that always works.

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21st Century Silk Road

Partner : Continental Drifts

This is a whirlwind tour of the Ancient Silk Road from China to Spain with bands from Eastern Europe, Chinese Theatre, Flamenco and Northern Asian Music.

This is our longest running program and we are still constantly inspired to replenish the package with new artists from across the Eastern European diaspora and beyond.

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Acoustic Soundclash

Partners : Two For Joy & Woodburner

Two For Joy is the offspring of The Magpie’s Nest, a new wave folk and acoustic club, the
brainchild of Joe Buirski and Sam Lee. Both were dissatisfied with the lack of folk clubs in
London catering to a younger audience and this package sets out to showcase the entire
spectrum of the folk music genre in a fresh way.

Woodburner brings together the best folk, acoustic and world music in some the most
interesting, underground, intimate spaces Hackney has to offer. Their weekly nights run
as ‘seasons’ in different venue and have tapped into a phenomenally diverse roster of artists, with a large ever-growing community of loyal music-lovers. Woodburner has also run stages at festivals such as Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Fire in the Mountain, plus
many one-off events all over London. Ultimately, Woodburner’s philosphy is simple: we
put on live music of the very best quality, in a setting which allows it to shine!

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Latin Quarter

Partner : Movimientos

Since 2008, Movimientos has brought a unique and radical perspective to the Global Local project. They have a direct link to the underground and relish unearthing the hidden gems of the Latin scene.
Latin Quarter attempts to broaden conceptions of Latin music beyond the mainstream genres by representing the Latin and UK artists and acts who are striving to create exciting fusions of music, from that with folkloric roots to cutting edge electronic music.

The diverse array of acts on this roster includes artists with African, Andean, Brazilian, Caribbean and Spanish influences, from folk roots, to latin jazz, salsa and samba, to cumbia, ska, flamenco, the urban beats of hip hop and reggaeton and electronic and experimental sounds. Often the acts will often incorporate a dance or striking visual element.

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African Rootmaster

Partner : Wormfood

New African music has suddenly exploded across the world of popular music in ways few could have predicted. There is a new wave of African music taking the traditions to a thousand different places and creating an education for a whole new generation. Bands like Vampire Weekend and The Very Best have smashed the charts with African remixes; Africa Express (a vast Damon Albarn led project) mixes all the latest chart acts with Africa’s greatest; the Manu Chao produced Amadou and Mariam are a runaway chart success story.

Wormfood, our partners, promote African music and its new and brilliant hybrids across London and the UK.

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The Best From Africa

Partner : Focus Organization

Focus Organization are a group of dynamic London-based music promoters who aim to
bring together international musicians –afrobeat, soukous, kwaito, kurduro, ska, reggae
artists – to create a series of culturally enriching events, putting the spotlight on music from the African diaspora and edutainment through the arts.

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Reggae, Roots & Soul

Partner : Vibes and Pressure

Vibes and Pressure is a collective and movement of some of the most exciting live talent
hailing from London. From Roots Reggae, to Hip-Hop, Afro-rythms and more, what unifies
and makes these artists shine is their organic yet urban sounds rooted in the African drum,
a Rasta/conscious livity and great songwriting. As well as putting on their own events, working with young people here and in Africa, Vibes and Pressure have grown to also include a record label.

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Desert Remix

Partner : Arts Canteen

Arabic and Middle Eastern music is often overlooked by the mainstream, despite the fact it is currently booming in the underground scene. The last few years has seen an explosion of Islamic crossover music from reggae to hip hop, to belly dancing breakbeats. We have been supporting this music for over 15 years and view it as an essential way of showcasing the Arabic cultures of the UK in a completely positive way.

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