Yaz Alexander


Reggae, Roots & Soul
Yaz Alexander

Yaz Alexander is one of the UK’s finest contemporary female vocalists who specializes in – but is not limited to performing Reggae and Jazz. Inspired by flamboyant female superstars past and present, Yaz particularly draws influence from Billie Holiday, Shirley Bassey and the first lady of diva, Diana Ross, but because of her penchant for reggae, by default, Bob Marley is her number one musical inspiration and the influence of Bob is evident in almost every one of Yaz’s lyrics – powerful, edifying, sometimes socio-political and nearly always containing a moral and/or didactical message for the consumer.

Performing since the mid 80’s/90’s Yaz was also a former backing vocalist for UK Reggae giant, Pato Banton and has also worked with the likes of the legendary Steel Pulse, Eddie Grant and Dean Fraser plus many other luminaries in the reggae field.

However, her burning ambition is to progress the genre to its innovative limits, experiment with other genres along the way and leave behind a timeless legacy of music that will immortalize her name for posterity.

With two albums in the public domain – it’s been a labour of love but her third album is now complete. One Step Closer contains 18 superb reggae-driven tracks that perfectly showcase Yaz’s unique voice and lyrical versatility. Yaz has been busy performing on the club and festival circuit and although the heavens opened on her live performance at this year’s One Love Reggae Festival in August, she still put on an excellent and memorable show.

Yaz is once again gearing herself up for a busy 2013; more writing, recording and performing are on the agenda as well as the excitement of developing a new band.

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