Latin Quarter
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With Weightless, their second, recorded as-live to tape LP, London-based soul/jazz ensemble Teotima celebrate friendship, creativity, love, meditation, progress, and the work of being happy.

Across 7 tracks, Greg Sanders and co. hopscotch across the Atlantic paying homage to the
African continent, Brazil, the Caribbean, USA and London. Each step bursts with a refreshing originality; from the East African, Chakacha rhythm of album opener ‘Suddenly’ through the warped samba of ‘If Every If’ and out via Gil Evans-like orchestration-come-heavy steppaz reggae of  ‘From A Distance’ and ode to South African township jazz ‘To Friends’.

Weightless sees the band return to First Word Records, six years after debut album Counting The Ways, off the back of Teotima members making waves with their own projects as leaders, as well as playing with contemporaries such as James Blake, Jordan Rakei, Waaju, Riot Jazz and more.

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