21st Century Silk Road

Swami (‘So Who AM I?’) is the 21st century hybrid sound of displaced souls… Blending their British-Indian bhangra roots with a healthy upbringing of alternative electronic club mayhem laced with bi-lyrical hip-pop conversation unlike any other…Call it whatever you want, but prepare to DesiRock…

First formed in 1997, Swami has enjoyed critical acclaim and success with singles such as “DesiRock” and “Hey Hey”. Swami now has a newly formed line-up and an even more eclectic sound. With Diamond on guitars, keys, vocoder and decks, the lyrical force of S-Endz and Sups, the power of Bobby P’s legendary dhol and percussion and the recent sultry vocal addition of Liana, you had better be ready for the sonic international pop flavour that is Swami.

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