Sumaya Flamenco


21st Century Silk Road
Sumaya Flamenco

Sumaya brings together the talents of some of London’s finest flamenco artists. The group offers a fusion of modern and traditional influences in flamenco, balancing due attention to the gypsy art form with a musically adventurous streak that defies old stereotypes and presents flamenco as it is performed in Spain today.

In 2006 Sumaya burst onto the London music scene, breaking the mould for a flamenco group that offers live music and dance. Their high energy and gutsy performances rapidly gained them a reputation as one the most exciting flamenco outfits in the UK and caught the attention of promoters and event managers in London where the group continue to bring flamenco to new audiences in festivals, theatres, clubs and live music venues.

Sumaya have performed in numerous festivals across the UK including at Glastonbury, Musicport and on the Global Local circuit with Continental Drifts. In July 2009 they opened for Carmen Linares at the Barbican Freestage. In 2006 Sumaya featured as part of the Ritzy cinema’s Gypsy Music Festival and opened the premiere screening of Almodovar’s “Volver” in 2007. In 2006 and 2007 Sumaya toured with Future Cinema to promote Future Shorts at SE2, Ashton House in Bristol and for Stella Artois Live in Greenwich. The group went on to have a residency in the Ritzy Cafe in Brixton throughout 2007. They have performed for the Costa Urbana Group, Lost Vagueness, the Vagabond Boogaloo Club in hip venues such as The Notting Hill Arts Club, Cargo and The Vortex. The group’s debut theatre performances at the Norwich Playhouse and The Cut, Halesworth in early 2007 were a resounding success. In 2008 Sumaya began touring with Essex on Tour and continue to enjoy sell out performances and rave reviews.

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