Seas of Mirth


21st Century Silk Road

“Unique is an overused and often misappropriated word in today’s increasingly homogenized world but it applies, with bells on, to Seas of Mirth” – Just Another Magazine

Seas of Mirth are a salty-smelling mega unit of sea dwelling reprobates with a mighty galleon of sound…  landlocked in the East Midlands.

Drums, retro organs, guitars, strings and bellows contribute to their invasive noises and the live shows draw you in with the aid of crowd-surfing crustaceans and a cataclysmic tug-of-war.

The band feel equally at home in a vibrant, sweat-doused venue than they do on a majestic festival stage!

The ‘Mirth have merrily toured up and down the UK countless times as well as mainland Europe a few times too,  namely the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (including Rock ‘n’ Roll Butterfahrt – a piratical punk congregation  on the island of Heligoland!)

Musically, it gets as diverse as a nautical prog-rock party band can get. The folk-based instruments cater for the rustic part of the sound, while the playful song writing and arrangements embrace the wilder element of the music.

All marinated in maritime! Lyrically, songs include, for example, dealing with tempestuous sea conditions, gargantuous mythical beasts, mutiny, tales of severe intoxication and the old heart-crushing love song.

“Think of it as a sort of truncated nautical B-movie featuring a cast of characters raided from Hollywood’s worst costume department”.

Expect plenty of aquatic stupidity and theatrics at a high-energy live experience. “Like The Flaming Lips, with less budget” as guitarist/singer Paul Lynch describes the show. It goes down in an immersive family atmosphere just as well as it does to a sordid maelstrom of rambunctious rum guzzlers.

Folky instruments, worldly rhythms, prog rock-esque adventures and sea-based song concepts all cram in to the sound. They’ve released 2 full length albums and they are now planning an underwater themed sub-oceanic set for 2019 to coincide with the next album, so don’t be surprised to see UV seahorses, LED jellyfish, or maybe even an octopus join in on a gig!

Acts played with: Ferocious Dog, Mark Radcliffe’s Galleon Blast, Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers),  John Langan Band, Treacherous Orchestra, The Wave Pictures, Foreign Beggars, 3 Daft Monkeys,  Zetan Spore, Jaya The Cat, Cut Capers, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, The Correspondents, Professor Elemental, Tantz, Gentle Mystics, Hallouminati…

‘Hark! The Headland Approacheth’ was released at the end of 2016 via I’m Not From London Records.

Quotes about live performances:

“You’ll never hear sea shanties in the same way again” – Virtual Festivals

“Utterly bizarre… thoroughly entertaining” – The Monograph

“Not your typical sea-shanty inspired band. Their combination of gypsy and punk laced folk will go down a  storm at any festival” – Folk Radio UK

“A glorious experience that even a hardened land lubber couldn’t fail to love” – Nottingham Live

“Before you even reach the music Seas of Mirth will bring a smile to your face…” – Bright Young Folk

Quotes about the new album:

“It’s a trip and a blast from beginning to end. Bellowhead is so last year darling, the new gods are here” – Spiral Earth Magazine

“An extremely refreshing and encouraging type of ridiculous” – Fatea Magazine

“A swag bag full of party” – Leftlion Magazine

“Great fun… irrepressible, with lots of good tunes and musicianship” – R2 (Rock ‘n’ Reel)

“A record that’s unquestionably daft, but also exquisitely crafted, varied, and at times beautiful – For The Rabbits

“A crazed yet fascinating and contagious romp from start to finish from a wildly unique and inventive bunch” – Slap

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