Latin Quarter
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We are Sambattalion! We are a radically inclusive samba band that formed in July 2014 out of a combined passion for banging drums and having a good time. We perform high energy samba fusion with our own unique twist of fun and individuality. Since that first planning meeting in a Bethnal Green park of just a few people, we have gone from strength to strength and have recruited a 20+ strong bloco.

Our first official gig as a band was at Rollright Fayre in August 2014 where we not only played to entertain, but ran workshops for festival goers to learn one of our songs. This was enjoyed by young and old regardless of prior musical experience! From then we have gone on to do club nights such as Decompression and Sencity, as well as taking to the streets to keep Santa merry for the annual Santacon event.

Our focus is on providing a performance that is fun, colourful and creative. We are always happy to take up the challenge to cater to themed costume events. Whatever the theme we will be sure to dazzle and delight the audience with our quirky style. There is nothing quite like the energy you get back from your audience when performing and we are always chasing that next buzz. Let us entertain you!

Here at Sambattalion we welcome anyone who wishes to come join us and be part of the fun. In the band some people have been playing for just a few weeks while others have been playing for over ten years. We have section heads that will be able to instruct new members no matter what instrument they choose to pick up. No one should feel out of their depth or worried about making a mistake, practice sessions are after all for learning and improving!

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