Ruth Theodore


Acoustic Soundclash
Ruth Theodore

Guitar-slingin’ Southamptonite Theodore has garnered a legion of fans with her witty and fantastical tales of daily observations made magical in her 2008 debut set, ‘Worm Food’. A little bit Ani DiFranco, a little bit Tom Waits with hints of Kate Bush, Theodore’s sweet-voiced, stuffy-nosed delivery and gripping honesty makes her a compelling listen and an even better live pick.

Ruth’s new album “White Holes of Mole Hills” was released in March 2010 and has received wide critical acclaim both in the folk world and more mainstream media.

White Holes Of Mole Hills is the compelling and anticipated second album by Ruth Theodore, one of the UK’s most creative New Folk artists. Nine entirely original pieces of characterful storytelling delivered with the utmost care and attention, bringing Ruth’s wholly considered writing to life.

Ruth Theodore is one of those rare talents, for whom creative writing is almost as natural as breathing. Descriptive yet cryptic, honest, tragic, witty and occasionally heart breaking, her deliberate turn of phrase is that of a skilled writer in command of (and having fun with) the idea of contemporary songwriting.” – River Rat Records

Songs so quirky and unexpected that it’s impossible to imagine anyone else performing them- following none of the more conventional styles of song-writing. And it actually works.” – The Guardian (4 stars)

Breathless vocals, angular, cryptic, and engaging. Beneath the self-conscious eccentricity there’s a serious musician.” – The Observer

Her tales of broken and strange people can send shivers up the spine.” – Q Magazine (3 stars)

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