Op Sa!


Desert Remix

Influenced by the roots of the Serbian Kolo and the Turkish čoček, Op Sa! is an addictive blend of wild beats, gypsy flair and modern sound. They’ve supported top bands such as Serbian band KAL and the Turbans. They’ve also worked alongside producers Gypsy Hill and performed at prestigious venues such as the Royal Festival Hall alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as being the featured headliners at the Lancaster Music Festival 2015.

Listeners can look forward to music from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and the Romani culture with a growing number of original compositions and arrangements incorporating jazz and rock influences. The band’s sets are orchestrally varied and dynamic, and ooze passion for what they do.

Teaming a traditional brass trumpet section with clarinets, saxophone, trombones, electric guitars and drum kit, they give a contemporary twist to deep-rooted cultural influences and create an unmistakeably rich sound. You will be mesmerised, compelled to dance and unable to drag yourself away from this lively gypsy party.

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