21st Century Silk Road
manushka thumb
  • Bubbling up from the southwest musical melting pot.. Manushka’s offbeat vibes are made for moving feet with raucous, rambunctious stomposity!
    A true example of the ever present diversity in sound from the Southwest of England. Boasting an array of live instruments including, Trombone, Saxophone, Flute, Accordion, Synth Bass, Banjo, amongst others. Balkan, Gypsy, Ska and Reggae are some of the many genres that this eclectic band draw their musical mega sounds from. Their offbeat vibes are made for moving the feet and causing raucous, rambunctious stomposity. Often causing feet to twitch in the most unlikely of people, they are never short of a lively and enthusiastic crowd.

    “Energetic dubbed up ska beats with funk & soulful rhythm” – Gearfest Festival
    “A feast of festival fun. These guys get the knees up and the skank out” – Dephicit

    “These guys are making serious waves in the scene right now from sell out shows to full on festival onslaughts in a truly unique style.” – No Ice Cream Soundsystem

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