Lines of Faith


Desert Remix
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An urban 21st Century band that champions both the Jewish and Muslim faiths. Lines of Faith is a fusion of Islamic and Jewish ideas, words and music with jazz, blues, reggae, funk and hip hop. Lines of Faith carry a strong Universalist message of peace and unity which appeals as much to those of other and no faiths as to devout Muslims and Jews. Lines of Faith is a project focused on bringing the ancient traditions of both peoples alive in a way that highlights the common ground of the two communities as well as all humanity – something that seems very necessary in the current climate!

Daniel Silverstein (a practicing Orthodox Jew), and Mohammed Yahya (a practicing observant Muslim) have been jumping on each other’s songs for years, trading off tag-team choruses that blur the lines between cutesy, kitschy, and politically incendiary. The band also consists of AshleySayed Abd El Gawad (bass), The Tzadik (vocals & clarinet), James ‘Ras’ Shephard (guitar) and Karim Nashar (drums).
Excellent festival music.

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