Last Mango in Paris


21st Century Silk Road
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Last Mango in Paris brings performance poetry into the 21st Century. This takes the form of Anglo-Asian iconoclast, Shane Solanki, whose urban poetry tackles identity with a comic twist. Solanki’s subversive wordplay is juxtaposed with the sweet, smoky vocals of Sabira Jade Botterill.

Shane was a key player in the rise of cult independent label Ninja Tune and released material produced by Talvin Singh on Island records, under the alias ‘Milky Bar Kid’. Last Mango in Paris brings these worlds together providing an eclectic musical backdrop for Shane’s incisive political observations.

Their debut album was released this autumn featuring Ali Friend on double bass, Sebastian Hankins on drums, Arthur Lea and Alex Wilson ..boards and piano, Attab Haddad on oud, Niki Mukhi and Mark McCrae on guitar, Hiren Chate on tabla, Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee, Don Letts, Nikesh Shukla, Malika Booker, the Decipher Collective, Ventriloquist and Yusura Wasarma. Recent sessions include BBC Radio London’s Saturday night world music show. Last Mango In Paris were featured as best unsigned band on Gary Crowley’s BBC London show.

“Their witty observations are important dissections of our mutating society.” – Evening Standard

“…intelligent, political and humorous lyrics, blended together with the funkiest production… at times fresh and funny, and at other times cutting and edgy; a very rare combination.” – Songlines

“One of the best bands to come out of the UK in the last ten years.” – DJ Ritu, BBC Radio London

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