Jally Kebba Susso and Manding Sabu


African Rootmaster
Jallykebba Susso and Manding Sabu thumb

Manding Sabu: A truly international band, made up of a 7-strong core of hyper-talented African, European and British musicians, Jallykebba Susso’s Manding Sabu combine the history-rich, melodious sound of the Mandinka kora (West African harp) with powerful party-smashing grooves drawing on reggae, afrobeat, rock, funk and blues. A new band but already boasting headline appearances at the ICA, Secret Garden Party and Rise Festival, 2012 is set to be their year as they sprout wings and embark on their mission ‘to expand the boundaries of the griot tradition whilst keeping it’s heart and soul intact….’. Nna ti! (Mandinka: let’s fly!)

Jallykebba Susso: In West Africa, a griot combines the roles of musician, storyteller, historian, archivist, diplomat and flatterer. You can only be born a griot, never became one. Jally Keba Susso comes from a very long line of Manding griots from The Gambia. He started playing the kora, the emblematic instrument of the griots at the age of seven, learning it’s delicate flowing intricacies from his father and older brothers.

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