Iya Kneel and Ijah


Reggae, Roots & Soul
Iya Kneel and Ijah thumb

Iya kneel grew up in Jamaica where his interest in music was evoked by the drums and chants of the Nyabinghi. As an artist and musician nurtured in Rastafari and guided by the wisdom of his elders he chants a very spiritual form of Reggae. His repertoire ranges from spoken word, to rap and singing, he has also mastered the art of the burru/akete drumming style, He uses his skills to create music that heals the soul and guides his audience’s to a place of joy, peace and reflection. I Jah is a young Roots Reggae vocalist who was raised in the Rastafarian faith. Growing up in a time in London where knife, gun crime and violence were on a rise; he became inspired to pread a positive message. I Jah has been performing for many years now supporting some of the top names in Reggae and
his electric and passionate performances continue to inspire and uplift all generations. Providing the perfect balance to Iya kneels mystical tones.

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