Hopkele Productions (Klezmer Keilidh)


Acoustic Soundclash
hopkele klezmer keilidh thumnb

A 21st Century Yiddish Barn Dance! This is a dance event for the whole family. Hopkele is the familiar ceilidh/barn dance format (live music, dance leader, fun)with one essential difference – the music and steps are old-style Jewish, rather than Celtic!

Ilana Cravitz and Klezmer Dance “Kaller” Guy Schalom put a 21st-century spin on traditional Eastern European Yiddish circle, square and chain dances, including lively freylekhs, sinuous horas and upbeat bulgars; this is barndancing Jewish-style, creating memorable occasions for all ages and abilities.

Hopkele Productions, provide expert Eastern European Jewish dance leading and fantastic live klezmer music from the most in-demand performers on the UK scene. So watch out for Klez-fiddler Ilana Cravitz and the Hopkele House Band (Ros Hawley, Yair Shleider, Paul Moylan) who will put that extra spring in your step with their raucous Klezmer!

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