Acoustic Soundclash
honeyfeet thumb

For a span of half a decade, the likes of John Ellis, Paddy Steer, Bill Leader and others have tried, for the love of God, to facilitate a fitting representation of this unique, rancorous, deeply spirited and utterly beautiful thing. “You can keep your 808 States and your Happy Mondays, for a Manchester live experience it’s Honeyfeet for me” – Dave Rufmouth,
introducing the band at Grillstock 2013 With the voice of sean nos singer Rioghnach Connolly (“Seldom has conspicuous greatness been more accessible” City Life) the folk-blues dance group involves members of Walk, Driver Drive Faster, Liz Green’s backing band and others. The equal contributions of this broad variety of artists is undoubtedly what
makes this a rare and spectacular whole.

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