African Rootmaster
Harare thumb

Harare is one of the few groups playing Zimbabwean dance music in Europe. Harare combines different styles from Jit Jive to traditional hypnotic rhythms of the mbira (lamellaphone/thumb piano).
Founding member and virtuoso marimbist Kuda Matimba was a member of the Zimbabwe’s legendary Bhundu Boys, the band that did more than any to bring African music into the western mainstream. Matimba was at the heart of his country’s music scene and is now based in London with his new vital outfit. Matimba brings both old and new original compositions and arrangements to the Harare set. Words to their songs are performed in the Shona language of Zimbabwe and invariably deal with social and economic issues. Matimba confronts his homeland’s woe and looks to the future while celebrating the musical alliances he has made in the UK through the prism of Zimbabwe’s urban Chimurenga and Jit Jive music.

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