21st Century Silk Road
hallouminati thumb

Hallouminati have been scurrying round the UK's party scene since 2010, leaving a trail
of sweaty dancers, grinning audiences and a faint whiff of olive oil. Since then, their
musical reputation has made a dent on the live circuit at boat parties on the Thames,
Spiegel tents, European tours and countless beer – soaked watering holes across Great
Britain and Ireland.

They have busked on the streets of Amsterdam with the same intensity as they do to the
huge crowds who have seen them at some of the country’s biggest festivals such as
Boomtown, Bestival and Kendal Calling. They have maintained that reputation by
following one simple rule keep that party going.

Formed in Derby, the seven-piece are now based in Nottingham via London via Cyprus.
Armed with a barrage of bouzoukis, brass, guitars, keys and deranged beats, they
delicately mix the gritty realms of skankin'; ragga punk with traditional Greek rembetiko
vibes for a diverse and unforgettable live show that connects with every soul and spirit in
the audience. Young or old, introvert or extrovert, Hallouminati will throw their arm over
your shoulder, hand you an Ouzo, and have the whole club throwing their limbs all over
before you can shout “Opa!”

Their spring 2018 tour sees them showcasing their debut album ‘Tonight, Is Heavy’- a
manic selection of party tunes and tales from the outsiders. Released on London’s Batov
Records, they’ve focused their collective energies on a barrel of tunes based on the three
B’s: Beats, Brass and Bouzoukis.

They’ve kept it debauched, but the fun’s only just begun.

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