Gypsy Stars


21st Century Silk Road
gypsty stars band

Gypsy Stars are are Roma (Gypsy) Music and Dance troupe, originally from Poland, now living in London.
The band centres around family and friends, who have been playing together for several generations.
They can play a variety of styles,including traditional Roma folk music from Eastern Europe and Russia, or the Gypsy Jazz styles made popular by musicians such as by Django Reinhardt.
Traditionally the male members of the band play the instruments – Double Bass, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, and Violin. The women sing most of the vocals and dance, wearing traditional Roma dress; long colourful flowing skirts and blouses, with golden embroidered detail.
In 2013 the band played many concerts including the Festival of Roma culture at Ciechocinek ,Poland, broadcast live on Polish television. They also played regular UK concerts including festivals throughout the Summer and the Roma journey festival with a full orchestra and choir at Colston Hall, Bristol.

The band are also available for cultural workshops and are currently the subject of a documentary being made by the BFI.

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