Gypsy Fever


21st Century Silk Road
gypsy fever thumb

Katarina Gadjo, the founding member of Gypsy Fever, grew up in a small Serbian village that has been swaying to the heterophonic heat of the local Roma musicians for generations. There, as the old saying goes, music is used to ‘beat sorrow into celebration’(“udri brigu na veselje”). Though born of their sorrows, the celebratory nature of the music defies the difficult and marginal existence of many Gypsy-Roma. With this music – that exists only in the air and the blood – Katarina arrived in London via the ashrams of India, found musical comrades from Czech Republic (Ondrej Vomacka – Drums), Hungary (Peter Bakaja – Bass), Italy (Daniela D’Alessio – second vocal) and the UK (Rich Collins & Si Rawling – Guitar, Ben Sellers-Clarinet/Sax and Emily Lim & Catherine Morgan – Trampet), and so began the twisting into existence of Gypsy Fever, the band that Milosevic forgot! ? Since then, Gypsy Fever has been enchanting audiences up and down the UK, creating music that spins a web of intricate and unrelenting Gypsy magic. They create an exciting fusion of Balkan-ethno roots with Swing, Gypsy Jazz and Folk-Rock. Combining the rhythms of Balkan weddings with the street-music of the East, Gypsy Fever take people on an exotic musical journey that stirs nomadic souls and gets everyone’s feet dancing

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