21st Century Silk Road
gipsydelica thumb

The greatest fun is when different cultures come to the same party and spend a night together, that’s a succesful party!

This trio from different cultures catagorise themselves as “Gipsy nonsense!” and name their influences as:

‘balkan music:(horo,kochek,rachenitsa),psychedelicrock(zeppelin,hendrix,floyd),rockabilly(berry,holly,cochran)reggae(perry,tosh,marley),sufi(hazrat innayat khan,nusrat fateh ali khan),django reinhart,funk(brown,sly,prince),ivo papazov,teodossii spassov and before all:THE ONE who allow us to hear the music and be inspired… thanks’

They often play such events as Viva La Revolucion, and have gained themselves a faithful following of happy dancers.

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