Gentle Mystics


21st Century Silk Road
gentle mystics thumb

Nine piece band from London, aligning folk, hip-hop, dub, electro, Balkan, bass worship, jazz and alpine waltz in chaotic formation. They were born in the early hours of 2007 by Noemie, Elian and Cosmo; who within 3 months magnetised 6 more members – Vladimir, Vahakn, Bitelli, Orlando, Merlin and Rob to complete the circle and start a revolution. After a series of sold out club dates and massive festival shows, the band has built a growing underground following. In 2011 they performrd around the UK and pockets of the globe, including many dates in France, where their music has been well received. Despite countless requests for their music from fans around the world, the band chose not to release their album until autumn 2011, following their debut single release on June 6th 2011 – ‘Spiralling Breeze’ and the b-side ‘Mushroom 30,000.’

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