Full Attack Band


21st Century Silk Road

One of the most captivating and dynamic bands to enter the World Music scene in 2010, Full Attack Band is a sextet made up of travelling musicians from different parts of the globe (Argentina, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, United Kingdom), who bring together their backgrounds and experiences in a celebration of music with no regional boundaries.

Led by Alejandro Toledo (former student of Peter Freeman [Classical Sax] and Daniel Ivancea [Gypsy Sax], also currently PhD candidate in Balkan Gypsy Saxophone Performance), this high energy band delivers the most exciting performances Balkanik ethnic music has to offer.

The band’s ever-evolving musical idiom reflects the way they think and live. Their music, among other things, is a conjunction of various influences (Classical, Rock, Gypsy, African, Middle-Eastern, Latin, and Hip-Hop rhythms) which they bring from places they have lived, visited, or simply the music they like, and have filtered through our own distinct voice.

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