Faith i Branko


Acoustic Soundclash

Faith i Branko: passionate, virtuoso UK/Serbian­Roma duo.

Branko Ristic, one of the world’s foremost Gypsy Jazz Violinists, has joined with Faith Ristic, a highly charismatic and virtuosic UK Accordionist, to create a style that draws from and redefines each of their musical heritages.

Recent performances include Guca Festival; Vienna Roma Fest; Sydney International Festival; Enlighten Canberra; Tasmania; Oxford Two Make; Sanctum at Bristol and many Balkan TV appearances. Radio play includes BBC Global Echoes; World Service with Stephen Fry and 6 Music. ‘Love knows no bounds’: a phrase as old as time and never truer than in the love story of this romance’s two protagonists, Faith and Branko.

The duo forms the core of their high energy live act: they combine accordion, whistles, vocals, acoustic violin, electric violin, keyboard and effects pedals to take the audience on a journey from melancholy Roma violin laments to playful Reggae songs and joyful Kolo dances. Gypsy Jazz, Balkan, Classical, Swing and Improvisation form the core of their entirely original set ­ which they perform both as a duo and in collaboration.

They source musicians from all over the world to play as a trio, quartet and as a highly energetic Romani/UK Orchestra: recent collaborating artists have included cellist Sarah Moody; vocalist Jannah Warlow; DJ Gaetano Fabri; renowned Django Guitarist Cakija Vasiljevic, and classically trained Roma violinist Kristijan Petrovic. One of Womex top 20 label Artists 2016 ‘Gypsy Lover’ No. 11 in the European World Music Charts 2016

“Musically, it’s a delight” – The Guardian

“Moving, breathtaking and virtuosic” – Lopa Kothari, BBC Radio 3

“Set to become one of the leading Roma Violinists of the century” – fROOTS

“Totally Amazing” – Lily Allen

“Quite remarkable musicians” – Stephen Fry, BBC World Service

“Great musicians with a fascinating stage presence” – Alex James, Blur


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