Dj Dolphin Boy


Acoustic Soundclash
dj dolphin boy thumb

Andy Levy aka Dolphin Boy has been a producer and DJ for more than 20 years, and
in that time he has pulled off the neat trick of evolving and innovating, whilst his
early work remains as fresh as ever.
“As a Scottish DJ, I suppose the normal ambition would be to end up heading south
and playing big clubs in London,” Levy reflects. “But I’ve ended up going in the
opposite direction a lot of the time, playing all these tiny wee halls in the Highlands
and islands, which is great – the audiences up there are really open-minded, they’re
just up for having a good time, which gives me a lot more freedom with what I play.
It’s the total opposite to that jadedness you sometimes get with big city audiences –
everyone hung up on the latest cutting-edge whatever. There’s something really nice
about playing to crowds where there’s kids and old folk and everybody in between –
it feels like being part of a tradition”.

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