Cut A Shine


Acoustic Soundclash
cut a shine thumb

Cut A Shine are a London based troupe of traditional musicians, gingham-clad dancers and charismatic callers determined to spread the word that the Hoe Down is a’happening.

From Hoxton to Humberside, from Amnesty International to Bestival, this ‘anarchic hillbilly barn-dancing squad’ will bring a rip-roaring, thigh-slapping, pavement-stomping, exhilarating, heart thumping, blood pumping barn-dance creation to your event.

While the banjo and the fiddle set the tone, the callers instruct any audience through good ol’foot stompin’ do-si-do’s and strip the willows, until all are involved! Whether it’s self produced events across London, or on festival stages, we’re sure to get you up and dancin’!

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