Ballet Nimba


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Ballet Nimba, Wales’s first and only professional Black dance company, was founded by Guinea-born choreographer Idrissa Camara in May 2010, following receipt of a grant from the Arts Council of Wales.[1][2]
Ballet Nimba features traditional and contemporary West-African Dance and Music, with a strong presence in the Black Dance Sector. Idrissa Camara was named as one of the top 10 people to meet at the 2010 Decibel Performing Arts Showcase, Arts Council England’s biggest bi-annual event promoting diversity and equality in the Arts.[citation needed] Ballet Nimba is based on the “African Ballet” tradition which was born in Guinea to tell the stories of the Griots (travelling musicians and the region’s oral historians) using artistic choreography and made famous by Les Ballets Africains. The name Ballet Nimba not only reflects the inspiration behind their work but is also a political statement regarding the reclamation of the term “Ballet” and challenges the perception that African dance is something from the past to be viewed with nostalgia, rather than the dynamic and exciting art form which it is.

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