Asheber & the Afrikan Revolution


Reggae, Roots & Soul
Asheber & the Afrikan Revolution thumb

The Afrikan Revolution is a super group led by multi-talented musician and educator – Niles ‘Asheber’ Hailstones, featuring a collective of the most innovative and influential grassroots musicians and teachers ever gathered together in the UK. The Band in its present form started in 2007, but has its roots in a long history, steeped in the tradition and the works of its members and the journey of Afrikan music in the Diaspora They present a revolutionary new progression and movement in the development of Afrikan music, which is fuelled by the global ‘Afrikan Renaissance Movement’ and the present universal raising of consciousness. The band brings an eclectic yet seamless mixture of
conscious Afrikan, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Blues and Spoken Word with a message.

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