Latin Quarter

Afro-Latin Hip Hop Funk Groove.
Born into captivity, Animanz rattled, scratched, bit and tore until during 2013 they developed an awareness of what lay beyond the caged confines of London Zoo.
As they explored in 2014, certain events lead them to experience such sounds as ‘No Future’ and ‘Killa House Wife From Outta Space’. Here they relay them to you as can be heard on the No Future 7″.
Described as HipFunkAfroLatinHop, an Animanz show is a safari through the dense urban jungle into a myotropic world of groove, energy & exhilaration.
Most recently Animanz have been spotted with the TROPICAL FLAME, Juanita Euka, holding centre stage as mistress of ceromonies. They are conjuring up an album.

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